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Since I finished my physics PhD in late 2018, I have been on a journey hunting a theory of everything and discovering some strange phenomena along the way. I am trying to think about physics more creatively, in the style of physicists like Faraday and Lorentz, whose task was to imagine models for completely new phenomena. There is still much work like this to be done in programmed virtual spaces, and never has there been a better time for a physicist like me (a coder since age 12) to discover new physics using code, by simulating thought experiments at the outer limits of human understanding.

I have a long ToDo list, and what I've created here is just the beginning of what might be called independent research of a playful kind. PolyPhys is essentially my virtual laboratory, with a diverse array of interactive apps representing high-level concepts in a way that I hope both experts and non-experts can appreciate. All you have to do is watch and play, and if you find yourself observing something beautiful or perplexing while using these apps, then you may just be experiencing reality at its most fundamental level.

- Andy

Created by Dr. Andrew G. Barrette (2021),